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2019-12-12make header items more visibleHEADmasterdaniel g. siegel
2019-12-12link site titledaniel g. siegel
2019-12-12make down button more visibledaniel g. siegel
2019-12-12update link transition and styledaniel g. siegel
2019-12-12add bottom margin to social footerdaniel g. siegel
2019-12-12remove links from work images and use css griddaniel g. siegel
2016-09-14style newsletter subscribe formdaniel g. siegel
2016-09-14add support for responsive iframe videosdaniel g. siegel
2016-09-14merge custom images sizes with existing onesdaniel g. siegel
2016-06-03remove duplicate h1..h6 definitionsdaniel g. siegel
2016-06-03reduce h2 font sizedaniel g. siegel
2014-04-11decrease margin of h2 headers on work pagedaniel g. siegel
2014-04-11increase margin on h1 and h2 headersdaniel g. siegel
2014-03-05add html5 shiv for iedaniel g. siegel
2014-03-03set arrow margin to em instead of pxdaniel g. siegel
2014-03-03reduce header bottom paddingdaniel g. siegel
2014-03-03add arrow to header pointing to contentdaniel g. siegel
2014-03-03add readme and licensing informationdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06update logo with a higher resolution imagedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06don't indent lists on frontpagedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add semitransparent stripes to movie backgroundsdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06set fixed background color for movies as fallbackdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add small text shadow on header elementsdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06update header imagedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add favicondaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06center social icons in footerdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06fix stylesheet headerdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add theme screenshotdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06reduce font size in articles on mobile devicesdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06get right color when only one color is set on movie projectdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add custom image sizes for movie thumbnailsdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06set the default wordpress image insert type to nonedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add custom image sizes for blog and remove default sizesdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06set standard background color for movies to blackdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06provide template for movie contentdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add support for attached images and colors using meta-boxdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-06add custom movie content typedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-05fill social icons in footer with user profile valuesdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04add social media contact methods to user profiledaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04remove duplicate main divdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04add open sans from cdndaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04remove user comments rss feeddaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04remove unneeded codedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04remove rtl.cssdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04add footer menudaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04simplify document titledaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04remove unneeded codedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04don't make title clickable on page content typesdaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04update 404 pagedaniel g. siegel
2014-02-04simplify prev/next buttons below postsdaniel g. siegel