AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-06on edit mockup, add add field buttonHEADmasterdaniel g. siegel
2010-12-05Merge branch 'master' of Kanis
2010-12-05Add drag&drop mockup.Michael Kanis
2010-12-03Embedded imageSalomon Sickert
2010-12-03Added map widgetSalomon Sickert
2010-12-03add fabian's last namedaniel g. siegel
2010-12-02re-align the edit mockupdaniel g. siegel
2010-12-02Add explanation for phone types.Michael Kanis
2010-12-02add edit mockupdaniel g. siegel
2010-12-01use marty mcfly in contact_tiledaniel g. siegel
2010-12-01use droid sans on all svg'sdaniel g. siegel
2010-12-01Fix document size.Michael Kanis
2010-12-01Embed Salomon's picture. Change fonts so they fit the other mockups.Michael Kanis
2010-12-01Add search highlight. Fix document size.Michael Kanis
2010-12-01Fix document size.Michael Kanis
2010-12-01add actions mockupdaniel g. siegel
2010-12-01change font to droid sansdaniel g. siegel
2010-12-01add search mockupdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28Added missing cursor.Fabian Sturm
2010-11-28Merge branch 'master' of Sturm
2010-11-28Added a different mockup for window size changes.Fabian Sturm
2010-11-28Added salomon.pngSalomon Sickert
2010-11-28remove favourite start of groupsdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28use stars instead of hearts in the favourite viewdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28merge different groups into one mockupdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28add faces to mockupsdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28add available and favourites groupsdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28add mockup for contact tilesdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28Fix michael.pngMichael Kanis
2010-11-28add original mockup by allan daydaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28add 4 faces of ourselvesdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28Merge branch 'master' of Kanis
2010-11-28Add mockup for recent contacts. Please add Fabian's given name. ;)Michael Kanis
2010-11-28Add a mockup for new-group-drag'n'drop.Michael Kanis
2010-11-28Added AUTHORS fileSalomon Sickert
2010-11-28re-sort mockupMichael Kanis
2010-11-28[mockup]: first thoughts on the addressbookdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-28add first mockup of the contacts windowdaniel g. siegel
2010-11-27First stub roundSalomon Sickert
2010-11-27First few data.Fabian Sturm
2010-11-27Added simple build.shSalomon Sickert
2010-11-27Created basic project structureSalomon Sickert
2010-11-27Project statementSalomon Sickert