personal-contacts.gitmockups for the early versions of gnome contacts daniel g. siegel11 years for daniel g. siegel3 years
wp-remulus.gitwordpress theme for daniel g. siegel18 months
gnome-screencasts.gita collection of amazing, glorious, fabulous and outraging screencasts about how ...daniel g. siegel9 years simple css minifier daniel g. siegel8 years
latex-tangocolors.gituse colors from the tango color palette easily in latex daniel g. siegel9 years
beamer-theme-torino.gittorino, a pretty theme for latex beamer daniel g. siegel9 years
jquery-scramble.gita jquery plugin using the fisher yates shuffle algorithm daniel g. siegel8 years
retroscope.gitthe retroscope is a device that shows you what was happening in the past daniel g. siegel10 years
master-thesis.gitan analysis of development processes and project management strategies of free a...daniel g. siegel9 years photography website daniel g. siegel7 years
bachelor-thesis.gitan analysis of new threats in social networks and how they can be exploited auto...daniel g. siegel12 years
muine.gitmusic player for gnome (orphaned) daniel g. siegel11 years
kando.gitThe "kan do" lightweight markup language daniel g. siegel4 months
zsh-prompt-agnoster.gita zsh optimized theme based on the original zsh agnoster theme daniel g. siegel6 years
cheese.gittake photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effectsdaniel g. siegel
gnome-video-effects.gita collection of gstreamer effects to be used in different gnome modulesdaniel g. siegel
pinpoint.gita tool for making hackers do excellent presentationsdaniel g. siegel
gnome-devel-docs.gitdeveloper documentation (incl. hig, platform guide, a11y guide, etc.)daniel g. siegel
nautilus-sendto.giteasily send files to contacts or devicesdaniel g. siegel
gnomeweb-wml.gitweb sites,,, gnome friendsdaniel g. siegel